Consortium-wide announcements and information about projects, analyses progress, manuscripts, preprints and conference abstracts will be sent into the consortium e-mail list. If any cohort needs to update their respective PI/analyst/author contact(s), plase send the e-mail to eQTLGen coordinators.

Authorship model

For the main projects, the ordering of the consortium authors will be mostly affected by the following criteria:

  1. Author or work group gets better place in the author list if, he/she contributed with unpublished datasets, interpretative analyzes, benchmarks, custom analyses, drafting the manuscript, etc.
  2. Author or work group gets better place if they contributed by following the analysis plan on more than one datasets.
  3. If number of analyzed datasets is equal, the better place goes to the analyst who analysed the higher combined sample size.
  4. If all above criteria are equal, authors are ordered by alphabetical order.
  5. Inside each cohort or work group, PI should indicate the order of their authors.

Disagreements about the author lists will be solved by direct communication with lead authors.


The papers for main projects will be communicated with all consortium members and authors regularly, as soon as the initial draft is ready.

For secondary projects and external collaborations, there are following requirements:

Conference abstracts

There are the following requirements:


Project proposal template

Should you wish to initiate a project in the eQTLGen Consortium, either making use of unpublished summary statistics, or requiring Consortium members to run additional analyses. A project proposal should be made and approved within the eQTLGen Consortium. The project proposal template can be downloaded from here.